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Maria Dare Dance History Collection
book in print Plymouth Limited Edition, Life in Time ...Mayflower Wm White
ebook Life in Time Lost Line Mayflower William White
ebook Path of Peaceful Warrors
from Life in Time Lost Line Mayflower William White
from Life in Time Lost Line Mayflower William White
Penn-Dutch Art ad Symbols from Path of Peaceful Warriors
from Life in Time Lost Line Mayflower William White
 from ebook Path of Peaceful Warriors
Long Family Oregon from Path of Peaceful Warriors
Almost Free Comics
Almost Free Comics
Almost Free Comics
Belly Dance book and CD Ask Aunty Wedad
How to make Belly Dance Costumes
from book Ask Auntie Wedad
About ballet classes for kids
About Ballet Shoes
about ballet classes for kids
Pointe Shoe Info
Ballet of Changeless Change
About ballet classes for adults
Ballet of Changeless Change
Ballet of Changeless Change
Ballet of Changeless Change
Beach Dance
Dancing with Fans
QBA Dancing with Fans
QBA ballet class
QBA recital pic
QBA recital pics
QBA Christmas
QBA at Seaside Conv. Ctr.
QBA Swan Lake
Zandance ballet class
RV of 1950s
QBA dances Portland OR
Zandance GloShow
Zandance ballet class
Rozanne of Zandance
Maria Dare
Maria Dare
Maria Dare
Ballet House Students
Ballet House Students
Ballet House Masters
Ballet House student Jeanie Bell
Ballet House student Cheryl
Ballet House Student Anne Marie
Ballet House Old Studio
Ballet House students Old Studio
Ballet House student Janet
Ballet House Students Old Old Studio
Ballet House students Old Studio
Ballet House Students with Markova
Dance School history Portland Oregon
Lindendare School Portland Oregon 1929-1934
Elinova Linden, Lindendare Sch. Portland OR
Music and Sergei Dare
Sergei Volinoff, Denver Colorado program
Dance Lovers Magazine 1924
Pavlowa on Dance Magazine cover 1925
American Dancer magazine cover 1929
Pointe shoe ads 1924-1938
Ruth Page in Landi Heeled Toe Shoes 1927
Barney Toe Shield ad 1929
Cecchetti and Pavlova
George Balanchine
B Nijinsky
Nijinsky Petrouchka
Nijinsky 1927
Fokine 1926
Dolin 1926
Dolin Markova
Markova Giselle
Fonteyn Black Swan
Baryshnikov LaCorsair
Misty Copeland
Polunin Yellow Bird
Sergei Polunin
Oregon Wet and Wild
Dear Crossing
True Born Oregonian
Oregon Roads
Scenic Coast
North Coast
beach combing treasures
Sand Dollar
Sea Roses
Low Tide Sunset Seaside OR
Low Tide Seaside OR
Hiking Tips
Hiking Tips
Tracking Critters
Tracking Critters
Astor Column
Whispering Giant
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Traffic Cop
Seaside OR
Seaside OR
Seaside OR
Ft Stevens
Manzanita OR
Selective Cut Logging
Chainsaw Art
Old growth Sugarpine
Chainsaw Art
Old Time Logging
Shingle Art Wheeler OR
Old Forestry building Portland OR
World Class Ballerinas
and Dance Masters

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Now contains more nostalgia photos of Rozanne’s former students.
In Maria Dare Dance History Collection:
Ballet House Student List and Program transcriptions  added; school’s history. student photos, expanded

Videos added to World Class Ballet Dancers and Ballerinas

Other historic dance schools of Portland OR expanded.

Highlighted articles in Dance Magazine 1924-1938 section

Music Sheet list now in pdf format.

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