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Rozanne is sole proprietor of Zandance.  This website has undergone many changes over the years.  This version includes Rozanne’s books, Oregon’s Recent Past, and  Life in Time, Lost Line Mayflower William White (available for purchase online); FREE Ballet how to videos & some info from the Maria Dare Dance History Collection.  A free PDF, Can Spruce Trees Survive in an Urban Forest, is first in a series about adjusting to climate change and population growth on Oregon’s North Coast.

About Rozanne of Zandance

In the 8th grade, my school’s principal called me to his office.  I remember his words as if spoken this morning.  He said, “Rozanne, you can be anything you want to be, but if you don’t choose some thing, you’ll be nothing at all.”  He wanted me to pick one thing and focus on it.  I spent the next 3 weeks soul searching.  Picking one thing meant giving up other things that I love, a price I was unwilling to pay.  So I have cycled thru life, focusing on one thing for a while then something else.  The only constant throughout my life has been ballet.  Now retired, I look back.  Life has been, thrilling, rewarding, filled with amazing people, beautiful sunsets.  Who could ask for more?

About Maria Dare Dance History Collection

Maria Dare (1911-1997) was a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Ballet, Spanish, Flamenco, Mexican, Hulu, Character dancing.  Her career spanned more than 70 years.  She was most noted as owner of The Ballet House, one of the longest established studios, under same management, in Portland, Oregon.  Most of all she was a kind, caring, loving,  ethical person.  In addition to teaching dance, she demonstrated how to add years without growing old.
      Maria left behind a collection of choreography, class notes, music, photos, magazines, memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s.  Some of these are shared on Zandance pages..
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