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Zandance evolved from a land based ballet school.  Rozanne’s lifelong health and beauty ballet classes began in 1987, Seaside Oregon as Leisure Enrichment Service.  It originally offered art, dance,and Tae Kwon Do as well as ballet.  It then became Quest Ballet Academy, offering just ballet instructed by Rozanne.  Quest Ballet developed special techniques for teaching  pre-school, mom and daughter, and beginning ballet classes.  Over the years students and teacher put forth a lot of effort, discovered its rewards and had a lot of fun.  Quest choreographed and produced annual performances at the Seaside Convention Center, such as Cerulean Seas, Galaxy, and Neptune’s Ballet Classics.  In studio recitals were a lot of fun. 

Quest Ballet no longer offers classes as the instructor turns her attention to recording the how tos she discovered, and the Maria Dare Adult Ballet Style.  Other projects on the list are compiling the class and choreography notes in the Maria Dare Dance History Collection.  The ultimate dream come true will be to re-stage Neptune’s Ballet Classics with the inclusion of dances performed by the Lindendare School 1929-1934.  When completed, these projects will be shared and published via Zandance web pages.

The Zandance Website now combines several topics of interest to the author, for in addition to being a dancer, she is also an author, outdoorsman, an True Born OrEgonian, and writer of many run-on sentences.

Quest Ballet Academy Nostalgia

Rozanne of Zandance

Neptune’s Ballet Classics

Created and Choreographed
By RW Faulkner
Synopsis in Short:
Neptune's Ballet Classics
Opens in a North Coast Oregon Tourist Town, where a local guy meets tourist gal.  The go to beach and explore tide pools.  They find a gull trapped in trash and set her free.  The tide comes in and all slips underwater where a  pirate  steals King Neptune’s Treasure.  The King gets angry.  His rage causes a terrible storm that destroys the town.   This was not his intention, so he goes above water and calms the angry winds.  The gull finds and returns his Treasure, which turns out to be a book of ballet classics.  King Neptune reads the book to all and then as the sun sets, there’s a grand finale.
Above: Before there were RVs, there were tents (left), car tents (right), a wood fire cooked all meals, fueled by limbs left behind by selective cutting style logging.  We lived like this for 3 weeks every October.  I paid the price when I returned to ballet classes, but it was worth it.
Best Time for Dancing
It was a family thing.  Dads got roped into partnering practice.
Above: An early performance of
Neptune's Ballet Classics
Mom and Daughter Class Fun
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Above: Aimee Whitlock now Morrisey of Life Naturally.
Left: Natalie Pfund is center left.  Now Natalie Pfund-Karina of Natalie Pfund Holistic Nutrition & Life Coach, Hawaii.
Above in center: Rebecca Bulleri-Taylor of Rebecca Bulleri LMT Massage Therapy, Portland OR
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