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Life in Time,


Lost Line of

Mayflower William White,

from the eyes of a descendant:
The Historical Tracing of
Ten Generations
with Extended Families,
from England to Oregon.


This amazing historical story of a founding family of Plymouth Colony, took well over a decade of research to uncover.  Almost 400 years ago. in 1620, William White, his wife and son, Resolved, stepped off of ship Mayflower, into the New World.  The Plymouth Colony story has been erroneously shared many times, often at Thanksgiving.  All too often the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony have been confused with their neighbors the Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded 1630.  This book, sets the record straight on this and several other issues, beginning with the history of England that motivated Separatists to climb on board ship Mayflower.
Resolved White, son of Mayflower William White, has been a blank page in history due to his father-in-laws battles for civil liberties and freedom of religion.  The blank page is now filled with the history of Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the amazing history of Resolved’s in-laws, the Vassall family.  Vassall family members played critical roles in the English Civil War, the early days of Barbados, the founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Cape Feare Colony of present day North Carolina.  Descriptions of these are contained in this book.
The book then follows the historical events that Resolved White descendants lived through.  These included the Salem Witch Trials, The American Revolution, the Massachusetts Farmers Rebellion, the founding of New Marlow in present day Stanstead Quebec Canada, the early frontier days of Iowa and Dakota Territory, and finally Oregon from 1891 onward.  Documents and pictures from the Dr. Marcus H. White Collection provide insights into lifestyles of 1850‘s Lynn County, Iowa, 1880‘s Dakota Territory, then Canby and Portland, Oregon 1891 onward.



Economic Details

Anyone interested in these topics will find many interesting details on the pages.  Shopping lists with prices from 1856 Iowa, 1891, Canby OR and Seattle WA provide opportunity to reflect on today in terms of yesterday.  Some of the included estate records and Civil War records also provide dollar values for analysis.  The entire book brings questions to mind.  What are the political-economic dynamics of new arrivals being granted free land compared to today’s mortgage or rent system?

Inherited Traits

It is rare to find accurate information for10 generations of a single family and the lines that married into the family.  Common physical traits can  be seen in photos beginning 1868.  Common personality traits have been passed down through at least 9 generations and can be found in historical and personal accounts


The last 2 sections of the book provide detailed genealogy for Resolved White descendants and maternal lines.  Most lines of wives were traced back to arrival in USA when possible.  Siblings are included for the lines.
An chapter is devoted to Judith (Vassall) White’s line beginning with her grandfather, John Vassall Sr. (1544-1625).  Content includes Judith’s father William, and his children; Judith’s uncle Samuel Vassall and his children.
The Marsh line is detailed in the genealogy section and the historical section describes Benjimin Marsh and William Kings involvement in the founding of Sutton Mass.  A chapter is devoted to this William King family of Salem and Sutton Mass, because family members married into the Benjamin Marsh line more than once. 
A chapter details the Grata Wright White line back to Walter Wright (1642-1712) of Andover Mass. and his wife Elizabeth Peters. Walter’s involvement in the Salem Witch Trials are described in both genealogy and historical sections.   Grata’s father, Lemuel Wright Sr. has descendants in USA and Canada. Lemuel was born in Woodstock CT, lived in New Hampshire, died in Stanstead, Quebec.
1 William and Susannah White of 1620 ship Mayflower

2 Resolved White (1615-169?) of Plymouth Colony m. Judith Vassall  (1619-1670)

3 Josiah White Sr. (1652-1710) of Salem Mass m. Remember Reed (1657 - 1721)

4 Josiah White (1689-1764) of Sutton Mass. m. Mary Taylor (1708-?)

5 Caleb White Sr. (1747-1830) of Stanstead Quebec Canada
m1 Rebecca Marsh (1751 - ?); m2  Lucy Howard (1750-1840)

6 Hosea White Sr. (1781-1856) of Vermont m. Grata Wright (1791-1846)

7 Hosea White Jr. (1819 -1901) of Springville IA
m1 Mary Ann Hudson (1822-1847); m2 Elizabeth Green (1829-1919)

8 Marcus H White (1843-1919) of Dakota Terr. Canby and Portland Oregon,
m1 Ruth Hale (1844-1925); Anna Mary Vorpahl (1871-1964)

9 Peregrine V White (1904 - 1980) of Portland OR m Elsie B. Long (1909-1967)

10 Rozanne White Faulkner, living Oregon
Includes 1st Release
of documents and pics from the
Dr. M H White Collection. 
He was a pioneer doctor who took politics seriously. Born in Iowa, attended Univ of Michigan, lived in present day South Dakota, died in Oregon, kept everything. A sample below:
And that’s how a book becomes
too fat to print.
Above: Shoping list from Lynn County Iowa, abt. 1856
Above: Delivery Wagon from Vorpahl Store, Portland OR eary 1900’s
Above: “Perry,” Peregrine V. White deer hunt, Oregon
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Mayflower William White
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