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Oregon’s Recent Past

To be published by Zandance
Oregon Trail, Portland OR,
Columbia River, Mt. Hood
Vintage pictures compared to photos taken in recent years.  Attempts have been made to match the same viewpoints.
It's a blend of the now reflected by history.
The 1st in a series to be
released by June 2018
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Ballet for Adults.

Maria Dare Style

To be published by Zandance
Based on Rozanne’s observations, class attendance, and choreographic notes made after classes. 
To be released by Oct. 2018

Working Title:

Zandance Ballet Classes, Level I

To be published by Zandance
Features classes for Pre-School, Mom Daughter, Beginning youth and adults.
Unique techniques for teaching ballet basics,  Tips for gaining student attention, and motivating students.
To be released by Dec. 2018.
Working Title:

Maria Dare Dictionary of Ballet

Transcribed from Maria Dare’s Notebook, provides clear descriptions of ballet terms.  Helpful to any ballet student.  Most helpful to ballet historians trying to decipher choreographic dance notes from the early 1900s.
released by March 2018
First releases will be ebook format.  If interested in a hard copy/printed version, please use Zandance Contact form to let us know.  Tell us what title(s) interest you.
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