Barney S. Bonaventure

Received US Patent for Toe Shoes in 1925.

Barney's Toe Shield, April 1929, The Dance Magaizine ad
Barney's first ads were for his Strong Arch, that appears to be an insert into a ballet slipper. It would appear that his first pointe shoe  was his "Indestructible Box Toe" patent granted Feb. 1926.
He also designed a lace up pointe shoe and had other inventions.



Origin: New York, 1917
Creator, inventor of pointes and accessories. Frequent ads 1924-1934. Barney's patent for his Indestructible Box Toe Shoe was granted Feb. 1925. He apparently had a staff of foreign craftsmen working with him in those days.

My favorites:
Lace up ballet slippers.
Strong Arch seemed to be a devise that fit in any shoe.
"Toe shields" He may not have bee 1st to  have the idea.
He may have been the first to produce Toe Shoe Covers. He called them Evernu slipper covers.

No longer in operation by that name.
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