Capezio Improves Toe-Tap:
Transcribed from ad in The American Dancer Dec 1934

This new tap has already met with outstanding success.  Its superiority is evident the first time it is used.  It embodies features never before available, for it is adjustable to any size toe; has a short bottom extension like regular taps making it possible to do flat or toe tapping.  ALLOWS FULL FREEDOM TO ARCH FOOT!  Special soundbox gives clearer sound.  Toe surface assures balance.  Extremely light in weight.  In the photograph Mr. Capezio demonstrates the simplicity of attaching by inserting the scres which passes through tap, toe, arch and sole thereby insuring fastness.  Send for new catalog.



transcribed from inside cover of Dance Magazine Apr 1930:

Salvatore Capezio, the world's premier theatrical shoe manufacturer; whose 43 years of of dedication to the art of creating  dancing foot wear has won him distinguished horner both abroad and in America.



I have been informed by a reader that Capezio was started by a 17 year old man named Salvatore Capezio. In 1887 he opened a shop named The Theatrical & Historical Shoemaker across from the old Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. In the 1950's - 1980's Capezio Company head was "Ben Sommers, a non-family member whom the childless Salvatore Capezio thought of as a son."
Sommers eventually sold the Capezio name to U.S. Shoe Corporation. Then U.S. Shoe Corp was purchased by Nine West. Nine West was sold to Jones Apparel. Jones Apparel still owns the Capezio name and Ballet Makers, Inc. of Totowa, NJ,"currently licenses the use of this name on its dance products." Ballet Makers, Inc. was a company created in the wake of the sale of the Capezio name.

In 2012, Capezio celebrated 125 years of operation, having had a number of challengers over the years. In the past, none have been able to dominate the market like Capezio. Today there are a host of new challengers and "all new" pointe shoe concepts.
Capezio is now a trademark "used by a privately held United States company, Ballet Makers, Inc., which specializes in dance apparel and dance shoes, including ballet pointe shoes." Capezio products are marketed worldwide but mainly found in USA and Europe. reports that "Capezio Ballet Makers, Inc. operates a chain of dance centers in the United States. Its dance centers offer open adult classes, . ..; international student programs ...; workshops and master classes ...; and summer intensive training programs .... The company also provides footwear products, such as Pointe, soft ballet, jazz, lyrical and gym, tap and character, dance sport/social dance, theatrical, and men’s footwear ...
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