The Monzeli Heeled Toe Shoe

by Landi

1927 Landi Heel Toe Ad Transcribed:

Heeled Toe Shoes were a short lived Roaring 20's rage - extremely dangerous
How did they stay on?
How did they releve without a plie?
Article about Ruth Page (below) does not name the shoes she is wearing, but since Landi held the patent, they are probably the Monzeli
Ruth Page performs in Landi Toe Heels.  From Sep 1928 Dance Mag.



Origin: New York, 1925 or Before
Landi's pointe shoes, made in New York, with excellent craftsmanship. Maria Dare owned some so it appears the company had a long life. Ads began for "E. Landi, Dancecraft Slippers, Hand Built" by 1925. By 1929 one could purchase a Landi in pink, white or black satin for a whopping $5.25 plus 0.20 postage. Ribbons cost 20 cents per yard.
Landi's "V" vamp was advertised as early as 1927. While term "V" shape vamp has survived, the Landi's Toe Shoe has not for reasons unknown at this time. Landi's "V" seems to narrow front and back as well as sides. The front/back narrowing would seem to keep toes flat, distribute weight evenly, reducing tendency to "knuckle under" and perhaps reduce toe drift.

No longer produced.

Landi Pointe Shoes

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