No longer produced; however,
Capezio produced a
style by that name.

Selva and Son

Pointe Shoes

Jimmie Selva
Selva appears to have been an inventor as well as a skilled craftsman. "Selva Exquisite Toe" ad found Oct. 1925.

Correspondence with Anna Selva Koppinger, has shared interesting information. Anna’s dad was “the Son” and her grandfather was the “Selva” of Selva & Son. “Son” was Samuel Selva, sole designer. Samuel also designed the Fred Astaire Tap. Originally the finest Italian shoemakers were employed to make the shoes.
Photos of Mr. Selva on his roof & his view.
An ad claimed, "Helen Brown Premiere Danseuse of the Ziegfeld Follies wears Tu-Toe." The Selva Tu-Toe. patented Nov 1927, offered two layers of fabric over the pointe so that it would last twice as long. Perhaps this was the predecessor of the "Duro-Toe."
While the suede tipped Duro-Toe's fabric lasted, the underlying box collapsed forming a ridge, making it difficult to get over pointes. The double satin would have been thinner and may not have caused a ridge, plus the stitching on the Selva was quite small and fine.

A most interesting shoe, Sandaltoe,featured elastic heel grip" had a grecian sandal strap over arch rather than ribbons. "Bernoff and Josephine, Featured Dancers in George M. Cohan's Merry Malones wear them." As of Feb. 1928 issue of Dance Magazine, the patent was pending. View Sandaltoe ads 1927
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