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Teaching in Seaside OR since 1987

Ballet Technique Clinic:

It began when Maria Dare scolded our class.  "If you could just see what you are doing, you would not do that any more!"  Maria and I experimented with video taping students, to let them "see" what they were doing.  We had  minimal success.  But over the years, I have improved the process.  Now software programs make it easy to create slow motion video clips.  In slow motion the errors are obvious.

Technique Clinics offered for Intermediate & Advanced Ballet Dancers.

Ballet Technique Clinc requires 2 sessions.  During the 1st, exercises are videod.  During the 2nd, short segments are reviewed and excercises for correction are provided.

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Rozanne's Students
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Rozanne's Photo Gallery

Awkward at 5.  Good thing I took ballet!
Age 3, I saw my 1st ballet turns and "Mom, me want do that!"   Began ballet classes with Florence Pickett, Selling - Hirsch Bld.
My 1st performance as a strawberry, with my sis, the cowardly lyon, Park Bureau production, Portland Oregon.
Miss Renoux's Up-side-down dance.  I took from her for 3 years.  She shouted at me until I stopped being awkward.  My mom made the masks for the dance.
Pointe Shoes after 5 years of classes.  June Christensen, instructor.  Summers I took from other teachers as well, often dancing 20 hours per week. 

Littlest Mermaid in Park Bureau production, Washington Park, Portland Oregon.  I loved dancing in the open air amphitheater and was several shows and an opera.
Taught, danced, took ballet classes, worked, married, had a kid,
in North Carolina.
Member of Green Grass Cloggers of Greenville, North Carolina and
toured east coast with them.
From a dance at Portland's waterfront, upon return to Oregon
Rehearsal at Ballet House, with dance partner, Frank, and Maria Dare,
for “Cerulean Seas,” held at Seaside Convention Center, Seaside Oregon. 
I began study with Sergei and Maria Dare at The Ballet House when I was 12.
Most Treasured Memories:
The ballet class itself, especially at The Ballet House
Above:  In the "Old Studio,"
age about 16. 
Below: In the "New Studio," 2 + decades later.