from the eyes of a descendant,
The Historical Tracing
of 10 Generations
with Extended Families,
From England to Oregon.

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Well Researched:

Excerpts from many original documents and records are included. Statements often copied on the internet were traced backward to their origins. It turns out that many of those statements are flawed, skewed, or downright wrong.  This is true for historical events as well as ancestry.  Often, several sources had to be consulted to produce a single paragraph of accurate information.  As a result, the bibliography fills many pages.  Many sources  are  linked, allowing researchers access to original documents.
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About the Book:

A dozen years of research resulted in more than a genealogy.  This ebook is a blend of history, economics, religion, and politics which shaped each generation of the Lost Mayflower White line.  Since arrival in 1620, this family has lived on the American frontier.  As a result, their story includes many USA historic events.
This historical tracing of 10 generations includes many extended families.  Don't let the title fool you.  The book begins in ancient England and ends in modern times of Oregon.  In between,  itching feet stuck their toes into  many historic events, as well as many places including Plymouth Colony, Salem, Salem Village, Sutton Mass., Marlow New Hampshire, Stanstead Quebec, Ohio, Iowa, Dakota Territory, and almost all Western States.  These and more are included in this text.  See Table of Contents in Preview, and Topic List, Chapter Summaries.

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