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Oregon Inspires.  Inspiration creates art.  Unique works such as Josh Blewett's Chainsaw Art, can be found in small shops along the highways.  Fine Art Galleries and Associations are found in almost every town along the coast.  The Arts are alive and well in "The Valley."  Troy Fox, Almost Free Comics, formerly of Astoria, Oregon, now has his base in Newberg, Oregon.   Performing Artists are as prevalent as the visual artists.  The Astor Street Opry Company’s “Shanghaied In Astoria” is a must see in Astoria, Oregon. The Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach offers a wide variety of live performances.  Portland has almost too many to list.  Internationally known Imago Theatre Company of Portland, offers a unique brand of entertainment that should not be missed.

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North Coast:
Astoria OR:
Astoria Visual Artists,
Astor Street Opry Company, performing arts,
Blind Pilot, music
Fish Poets, writers
Oregon Coast Council for the Arts

Gearhart OR:
Trails End Art Association,
Seaside OR:
  David Poole, portrait artist, Carousel Mall
  Josh Blewett, chainsaw art, Hwy 26
Cannon Beach OR:
Cannon Beach Arts and Galleries, 

Central and South Coast:
Arts & Culture, art, dance, theatre, and...
Bandon OR:
Arts & Culture
Art by the Sea, gallery and artist listings
Washed Ashore, art to save the sea
search google for more listings
"The Valley:"
Portland OR:
Bad Wolf Music PDX, music video local artists
Ian Love-Jones, visual artist
Lyndsey Denyer, visual and design artist
Imago Theatre Company, performing arts

For south of Portland
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"Eastern Oregon"
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   It's OrEgun

Seaside, Oregon, USA

zandance.com's it's OrEgun

Sharing the arts and visitor information, as well as thoughts, opinions, and history.  Find odds and ends, facts and fiction related to Oregon and its North Coast life.  There are tips for tourists, those recently moved to Oregon, and those dreaming of both.

Visit the North Coast of Oregon:

Our tides keep our beaches in perpetual change.  A low tides expose hermit crabs, star fish, and more.  6 hours later the high tide washes the beach.  There are coves to explore and trails to hike.  The coast towns from Astoria to Manzanita are unique.  While visiting the coast, you will meet more visitors and new arrivals than those born in Oregon.  It is advisable that you Know Your True Born Oregonian When you Spy One. 

Oree-GOHN-ians Dictionary


For decades, Oregon's ong time residents have verbally corrected others, “It’s OrEgun!”    Bumper stickers have been produced, “Orygun,” pointing out the “E” sounds like “Y” as in “Mary”. Phone calls have been placed to TV and Radio stations when a news reporter calls it “ORaGone.”  US political candidates have swept through the State only to lose votes by calling this “The Great State of Aragon.” 
Por-tlun    Portland
OrEgun     Oregon
Will-LAM-it    Willamette
Klumbia     Columbia
Krick     Creek

Definitions Used in OrEgun:
Mountain Higher than 5,000 ft elevation; has snow on top all year.
Hill Under 5,000 ft elevation, or does not have snow in summer.
Table Top Level land on top of a hill
Plateau Level land often on the side of a hill
Flatland Rolling land 0 - 400 ft elevation

Valley Low broad flatland between hills and/or mountains, often with U-shaped sides.
Canyon Narrow with V-shaped sides.
Ravine Small canyon
Gully A natural trench dug out by a creek

River Big enough for a ship
Stream Big enough for a canoe
Creek Too small for a canoe
Spring Water flowing from ground.
2 kinds: Year-Round and Seasonal

It Never just Rains in OrEgun

We have:
Chinooks   Warm heavy rain and wind, can melt snow pack in hours.
Gully Washers   Heavy downpour, enough to flood a gully.
Coming Down in Buckets   Heavy downpour, often shorter than a Gully Washer
Horizontal   Fine, tiny droplets of water traveling horizontally due to wind
Showers   Droplets of water falling vertically for less than 2 hours.
Drizzle   Small to Medium size drops, gets you damp but not wet
Drips   Drops less frequent than drizzle
Light   Small drops
Fine    Tiny drops, hardly gets you damp
Mist   Tinier drops than Fine
Sun break  Used by weather reporters when they get tired of saying "partly cloudy."

Theory: Origin of OrEgun Dialect

True Born Oregonieans  communicate with each other in a unique dialect developed to prevent drowning from inhaled rainwater while speaking.  Phrases begin with the inhale and finish with the exhale and are often shortened in the process.  For example, “2yeat dinnur,” is “We are on our way to eat, dinner.”  "Guhday" is "Good Day." 
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