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Ask Auntie Wedad a book about belly dancing by Carol Love and Donna Stewart
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Ask Auntie Wedad:

Tips and opinions on belly dance costuming and performance

by Carol Love and Donna Stewart
109pps Spiral bound plus DVD

Part 1: Considerations and culture of belly dance five dance families, being a student, going Pro, anatomy of a belly dance routine, traditional dances of the Middle East, tips for male dancers.

Part 2: Costuming
How to make: Veils, Harem pants, Skirts (Triangular, Circle, Tiered) Bras, Belts, Tummy Covers, Ghawazee (coat, headpiece) Baladi dress, Vests (Cholis, Keyhole) Headbands, Hats (small, balancing, Persian, Conical) appliques;
Working with pre-made costumes (fitting, changing) How to dress your best, Culture and your audience, Costume care and cleaning.

Apendix: Shimmies (hip, thigh, knee, piston, butt, calf, choo-choo, shoulder, hand, flutter, slow, three-quarter, arabic, walking)

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