Know Your

True Born Oregonian

When You Spy One:

A True Born Oregonian is
one with at least one parent born in Oregon.  They are a precious few.  In the late 1960's only 1 in 5 born in Oregon had a parent born in Oregon.  Only 1 in 7 (or was it 10?) born in Oregon had both parents born in Oregon.  Viewing below stats, I would guess the ratios are the same or smaller today.
Each year thousands of visitors snap millions of photos,  only to later discover they have taken pictures of other tourists.  Don’t let this happen to you.  (Above Left) A True Born Oregonian, (Above Right)  "Newcomers" or persons recently moved to Oregon from another State.
True Born Oregonians can get quite grumpy when you disturb their nests, so please, put your trash in the garbage cans.
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True Born Oregonian Wisdoms:

1.  Make use of that which is given, or left behind.
2. Where there is rain, there is mud. Mud is a given left behind.
3. There is beauty in all things. 
    It just takes some looking to find it.
4. Mud splatters are a measure of pleasure.
Many listed above as born in Oregon, were born to parents who had moved here from other places.  Just over 10 percent of those living in Oregon were born in Washington; 10 percent were born in California.  1.5 percent of less were born in each of the following States:  IL, NY, TX, ID, MN, MI, CO.  I meet more folks from Arizona than any of above.  I guess they don't actually "live" here; they just summer here.  Of those, who have moved to Oregon from foreign countries, under 4 percent were born in Mexico; less than 1 percent each were born in Vietnam, Korea, Ukraine, Canada, China, Philippines, India, Germany and Russia.

Extracted from US Census Bureau, American Community Survey. 2005-2007 PUMS data  (Note: Source provides a lot more info in an interesting read.)
True Born Oregonians tend to blend into their surroundings making them difficult to spy.  The best viewing spot is at the beach during heavy rain. True Born Oregonians are the only ones out walking along the shore.  Their habits tend to give them away.  During stormy winter weather, they park their cars facing into the wind.  During rain, they often wear hoodies, turning the head down and to the left to keep the face dry.  As a result they recognize each other by their shoes for that's about all they can see. 

The rumor that True Born Oregonians all have webbed feet has not been proven.  They are able to walk between raindrops, arriving at their destination without getting wet.   
Favorite Pass Times:
True Born Oregonians excel in the arts as demonstrated (Below) and love gazing at the view (Right).
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Of Those Living in Oregon

Born in Oregon:              39.8%

Born Other USA States   46.6%
and Territories:

Born Foriegn Countries:  13.4%
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