Path of Peaceful Warriors

a Long Genealogy

The history, Genealogy and Spiritual Culture of a Pennsylvania Dutch Family
Who Arrived Early 1700's and Migrated Through the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Montgomery County, Ohio, to Oregon


Section I:

History of Europe, Religious Reformation, formation of Anabaptists, Brethren, Mennonites, and other groups.  Places along the path and events such as the coldest winter, wars, and Michel's treasure map, which brought the Peaceful Warriors to Pennsylvania.

Section II:

Founding of Pennsylvania, Early spiritual groups of PA, Penn-Dutch Art.
Founding of Virginia, Knights of the Goldern Horsehoe, First settlers of the Massanutten, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. The Great Wagon Road west.
Settelment of the Miami: Dayton, Jefferson twp., west Dayton of Montgomery Co. OH.
Oregon of the early 1900's: Portland, Columbia, Mt. Hood, Central Coast, North Coast.

Section III: Long Family Genealogy

Philip Long/Lung and children
Henry/Henrich Emanuel Long/Lung and children
Lewis Long and children
David Long and children
Charles D Long and children
Clive E Long and children
Elsie (Long) White

Section III

The other half

Oyler/Oiler, Pfifer, Speagle
Stomps, McBride

Includes maps, photos, illustrations
by RW Faulkner, 2016

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