Life in Time, Lost Line
Mayflower William White

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Life in Time, Lost Line Mayflower William White
The Path of Peaceful Warriors:
A Long Genealogy

The Path of Peaceful Warriors:
A Long Genealogy

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Purchase gives buyer right to read book.  Authorization required to copy, print, publish, any page or part of this book.  No Refunds unless ebook fails to display.  Author feels that free Preview & Sources gives the reader enough information to know if book is worthy of purchase.

About eBook Formats

Ability to read an eBook varies from user to user.  Much depends on the apps installed on your phone, ipad, computer. As a result, Zandance eBook publications will be offered in 3 formats as follows:

Has it’s own eBook Reader, and designed by the author to provide best viewing experience.  Works well on pc and mac computers.  It may also work on ipads and tablets. BUT it requires use of Adobe Flash Player.  If you don’t have Adobe Flash Player, you’ll just get a message to install one.  I discovered I have it installed on Safari, but not on Google Chrome, so I have to use Safari to read the eBook.  (There is a virus attached to some Adobe Flash downloads, so use caution when downloading one.)

Works on most phones, ipads, computers, without use of an eBook reader.  Does not require Adobe Flash Player.  It lacks the deluxe controls of the “favorite format.”  BUT, each page is a .jpg pic.  This format breaks down with use, so it will get blurry if Zandance does not get around to uploading a new version frequently.

eBook purchasers have option to use any or all above.  Feel free to click as many formats, as many times as desired.
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