Lindendare School of Dance, Portland OR

Elin Linden

(1890 - 1978)
Early Life:
Elin was born 26 Sep 1890 in Norway. She may have been born in Oslo, for her mother, Wilhemina Linden, a widow, was born there and Wilhemina visited her brother who lived in Oslo during the 1920's. Her father was born in Sweden. Elin and her family immigrated to USA about 1908.  Her early life is a bit like Sergei Dare’s life - a mystery.  It is uncertain when, or where, she received her excellent dance training.  By 1920, Elin was living in Elmhurst, Illinois, (just east of Chicago) with her mother Welhelmina, and younger brother Carl Linden, born about 1908.

of Portland OR;  Seattle WA

Life with Sergei Dare
Elin married Sergei (Roy Donald Dare) 25 Feb 192, in Lake Co., Indiana.  By 1929 they had moved to Portland Oregon and had opened the Lindendare School of Dance.  Elin Linden Dare can be found on the Lapland Passenger Ship List returning from Cherbourg, France to New York, continuing to Canada on Jan. 27, 1929. At the time she was living at 655 E Madison St. Portland Oregon. She was traveling with several singles from various places, suggesting a dance tour rather than a family vacation. It is suspected that Elinova and Sergei took turns teaching. One would teach in Portland while the other would dance, study, or teach in far away places.  Lindendare program of 1929 highlights Karsavina and Trefilova training and/or choreography.  It is unknown how long Elin studied with them.  It may have been a brief intensive on one of her trips or a longer stay during times when USA records cannot be found for her.  What is clear is that their dancing impressed Elin and probably influenced Elin's style.
Between 1934 and 1938, Elin appeared in Denver Colorado teaching and dancing for Sergei Dare at least once..  Between 1938 and 1943, the couple split up.  The La Scala Opera program of 1941 lists her appearing as "Guest artiste of Ballet Natasche Elinova." Her name follows Donald Dare and Maria Boehme.
After Sergei
Little is known of Elin after she and Sergei divorced.  It seems she remained on professionally friendly terms with Sergei and his 2nd wife, Maria. A Ballet House student from later years had met Elin on one of Elin’s visits to the Ballet House.  Elin relocated to Seattle.  By 1948, Elin married George H. Gilbert
He died in 1960.  Elin died in Seattle WA on 22 Oct 1978 age 79.
The Lindendare School of Portland Oregon was, as the name reflects, the joining of 2 teachers, Elin Linden and Sergei Dare.  A June 15, 1929 program lists a number of dances and dancers. It would have been difficult to pull this together in just 6 months so most likely the school began in 1928, or before.

According to the program, classes were conducted by Elinova Linden and Sergei Volinoff, (Mrs. and Mr. R D Dare). The studio was located 207 Park Street in Portland. The recital was held at Little Theatre, (Studio Bldg.) W. Park and Taylor.  The program included dances arranged for Elinova Linden by Karsavina and Trefilova. These dances, among others in the program, became the basic repertoire of The Lindendare School, and then were passed on to The Ballet House, taught to generations of Portland dance students.

In 1933, according to an ad for Summer School, Mme. Elinova of the Lindendare School of dance, was conducting classes. There is no mention of Sergei. (He may have been teaching in Denver CO) Classes were held at the W.O.W. building, located at 425 E Alder at 6th, in Portland, and offered "beautiful classrooms, steam heat dressing rooms with showers." Val Ballestrem, Education Manager, Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center, Portland Oregon, emailed me "That building is still around today as the Melody Ballroom. 615 SE Alder is the current address (addresses were changed in the 1930s). Here is a link to more information: " This link provides a lot of info about the building and pictures. It has been the home of several dance studios over the decades. This location was within walking distance of Maria Boehme's home.

A newspaper clip "Dancing School Aids Campaign," with date unknown, includes Maria Boehme and Marcelle Renoux as performers of the Lindendare School of Dance. Maria performed a solo "Ecconaises a Scotch toe dance. " She also performed a Spanish Duet with Bob Irwin, "Alma Andaluza. Miss Renoux performed a solo "Mexican Dance, the national dance of Mexico. " "Flor Flamenco, a typical Spanish dance" was performed by Esther Davis, Juanita Powell, Ida Woodham, Norma Neilsen, Malvina Feldstein, Marcelle Renoux and Maria Boehme. (Notes for many of the dances listed in this news clip are in the Maria Dare Dance History Collection)"

It is possible that Mme. Elinova and Sergei attempted to operate dance schools in both Denver and Portland 1933-1938.  The owner’s marriage dissolved.  Both schools faded into history.  Sergei Dare would return to Portland about 1941 to launch The Ballet House.
Lindendare Recital,
Friday June 5, (probably 1931) at Neighbors of Woodcraft hall.
36 dances performed including: Brides' Ballet, featuring Mme Linden-Dare & 21 dancers in an arrangement created by Anna Pavlowa.
Study in Geometric Design, by boys’ class
Arabian Phantacy, 6 dances to music by the Azar troupe that appeared with John Boles in “The Desert Song.”
Sevillian Ballet,  Mme. Linden-Dare’s famous concert number
Indian, Mexican, Dutch and other character Dances.
Above News Clip:
Date: Uncertain
“The Lindendare School of the Dance, operated by M. Serge Volinoff and Madame Elinova, Mr. and Mrs. Dare W.' 0. W. Bldg., aided the Oregon Products Committee materially when they provided a fine dance program in conjunction with the meeting sponsored by the Committee at the Native Sons & Daughters of Oregon on March 22nd. ... Those who were in attendance voted it a most remarkable exhibition of Terpischore.”
Features presented included:”
"Garrotin," a Spanish Gypsy dance by Esther Davis and Juanita Powell;
"Eccosaises," a Scotch toe dance, by Marie Boehme;
"Canto Gitano," a Moorish cymbal dance, by Norma Nielsen;
"Malaguena," a Spanish dance with fan, by Malvina Feldstein;
"Chiapanecas" a Mexican dance, by Dora Day, Doris Ehrsham and Jean Hoover, 11 and 12 year old girls;
"Dance Scimitar," a Tartar dance, by Juanita Powell;
"La Sorella," a Spanish toe dance, by Esther Davis;
"Mexican Dance," the national dance of. Mexico, by Marcelle Renoux;
"Jota Aragonese," a Spanish dance from the Province of Aragon, by Roberta Jamerson;
"Alma Andaluza," a Spanish duet by Marie Boehme and Bob Irwin;
"Flor Flamenco," a typical Spanish dance, with an ensemble composed of Esther Davis, Juanita Powell, Ida Woodham, Norma Neilsen, Malvina Feldstein, Marcelle Renoux, and Marie Boehme. Ronald Hall played the -accompaniment for all dances.
Sign from Lindendare School of the Dance
Class Announcement
Date: 1933
“Lindendare School of Dance announces Classes with MME. Elinova. 
Spanish Dancing which includes the correct use of castanets, cymbals, capes, shawls, and tambourines; Flamenca and tango.
Also classes or privte lessons in ballet technique, toe, character and acrobatic for teachers, advanced, beginners and children.
Beautiful class rooms, steam heated dressing rooms with showers.
All arrangement for lessons only by personal call.
Special Summer School in all types of dance opens June 1st. 1933.
425 East Alder at 6th
W.O.W. Building
Lindendare Program 1929
Cover Transcribed:
Mme. Elin Linden
In Recital
Assisted by the pupils of the
Lindendare School of the Dance
Saturday Evening, June 15, 1929
Eight o'Clock
Little Theatre, (Studio Bldg.) W. Park and Taylor
Portland, Oregon

PROGRAM transcribed:
Overture - Ballet Egyptian ... Luigini, Orchestra Chinese Suite, "In the Garden of Ko San"

The White Peacock, ... Sibelius, ... Mme. Elin Linden

Chinese Tap Dance, ... Fleige
Esther Sherdeen, Anna Nygren, Elizabeth Farnsworth, Margaret Mountain, Madeleine Power, Jean Allegrani, Laura Ellis, Alice Ludgate, Margaret Cover, Marjorie Cover, Virginia Nydgen,

Toe Taps, ... Winonah Pursel, Lots Jardine Wentworth

Chinese Toe Dance ... Herbert,
Roberta Jamerson, Marjorie Torgler, Doris Ehrsam, Ruth Miller,

Bamboo Dance ... Herbert,
Colton Meek, Betty Meek, Laurids Ross, Frederick Ross

Sweet Be Your Dreams .... Terry

I Looked Into Your Garden.... Wood
Virgil Day, Pupil of Paul K. Hutchinson Paul Hutchinson, Accompanist

"Hollandaze" .... Manuscript
Marjorie Cover, Margaret Cover, Esther Sher-deen, Anna Nygren, Margaret Mountain, Alice Ludgate, Laura Ellis, Jean Allegrani, Virginia Nygren, Madeleine Power, Doris Ehrsam, Marjorie Torgler, Ruth Miller, Roberta Jamerson

Tyrolnese.... folk Music,... MME. Elin Linden

Rubenola.... Grieg, ... Jackie Groves, Kenneth Polen

Dance Classique (gavotte)... Dent Mowrey, Portland Composer ... Winonah Pursel

Clowns... Original Manuscript
Evelyn Missoff, Bob Huey, Bob Burton, Dian Ross, Jane Carr, Roberta Jamerson, Ruth Miller, Doris Ehrsam, Marjorie Torgler.

Polish Dance.... scharwenka, ... Elizabeth Farnsworth

Gavotte.... Gluck, ... MME. Elin Linden

Russian Dance .... Original Manuscript,
Laurids Ross, Betty Meek, Colton Meek, Evelyn Missoff, Roberta Jamerson, Marjorie Torgler, Doris Ehrsam, Ruth Miller

Etude... Chopin, Lois Jardine Wentworth

Scimitars.... Whitcomb
Wm. Thompson, John Groves, Kenneth Polen, Arthur Petroff, Leslie Care, Bob Cammack

El Granada.... Moskowski
Lois Jardine Wentworth, Winonah Pursel, Anna Nygren, Jean Allegrani, Madeleine Power, Esther Sherdeen, Margaret Mountain, Elizabeth Farnsworth

SPANISH DANCE... Moskowski,... MME. Elin Linden

Oriental Flower Girl .... Grieg, ... Betty Sheldon

Madame Haughty.... Mozart ... Robbie Dell Thomas

Piano Solo-
Prelude McDowell

Rigoletto .... Liszt ... Nellie Torgler

La Epaulas.... Manuscript
Winonah Pursel, Lois Jardine Wentworth, Elizabeth Farnsworth

EL TOREADOR.... Glazounow, ... MME. Elin Linden

Jarabe Tapatio.... Manuscript
Elizabeth Farnsworth, Esther Sherdeen, Winonah Pursel, Lois Jardine Wentworth

Dance Grotesque.... De Bussy
Wm. Thompson, John Groves, Kenneth Polen, Arthur Petroff, Herbert Kretzmeier, Leslie Carr, Bob Cammack

Thank God for a Garden .... Del Rigo

One Alone-Desert Song.... Romberg
DON RAYMOND, Pupil of Paul K. Hutchinson
Mr. Hutchinson, Accompanist

LORELEI..... Schubert-Liszt,... MME. Elin Linden

Scarf Dance..... Godowsky
Winonah Pursel, Lois Jardine Wentworth, Elizabeth Farnsworth

Liebestraume.... Liszt
Margaret Mountain, Esther Sherdeen, Elizabeth Farnsworth, Madeleine Power, Anna Nygren, Lois Jardine Wentworth , Winonah Pursel
Ads Transcribed:

Mme. Vera Trefilova
Classic Ballet, Toe and Character
33 Rue Pergolese
Paris, France

Mme. Thamar Karsavina
Ballet, Toe, Character
Great Central Hotel
Marlebone Road
London W. I. 2

Luncheon 45 cents
11:30 to 2 P.M.
Colonial Dinners 65 cents
5:00 to 8:00 PM
Caroline's Home Made Ice Cream Always
BEacon 5759

BEacon 7612
Kafoury Bros. Silks
Between Park and W. Park
Portland Store
362 Alder Street
Salem Store
466 State Street

Toe Dancing Slippers, Ballets and Tap Slippers
Every Accessory for the Dancer
Knight's Shoe Company
340 Morrison Street, Portland Oregon

Max Factors & Stein's Make Up:
Frank Nau,
6th And Alder, Prescription Druggist.
We Never Close

Paul K. Hutchinson
Teacher of Voice and Piano, Pupils prepared for Light Opera and Revues, Studio 413-414 Fine Arts Building, Phone BRoadway 6037

2 Accomplishments that will last a lifetime. Health and Body Building Recreations.
The Lindendare's, your Dancing Masters

Prof. Lucian A. Harvey
Pacific Northwest's Oldest - Swimming Master, can teach you to swim, regardless of age or physical disabilities. If you can Laugh, you can swim.
At the
207 Park St., bet. Taylor and Salmon
For Appointments Call BE. 7711

Madeleine Power
Creative Artiste
Credits Transcribed:
Gavotte arranged for Madame Linden by Vera Trefilove, Paris.

Tyrolnese, Lorelei, Spanish Dance by Thomas Karssavina, London.

All pupil dances arranged by Mme Elin Linden and Donald Dare.

Orchestra Personnel-Nellie Torgler, Piano; Lillian Ellingsworth, First Violin; Margaret Bussey, Violin Obligato; Donald Haefliger, Cello; Byron Hoyt, Flute, Morris Bush, Drums; Mrs. Harry Farnsworth, Accompanist. Harry Farnsworth, Lighting; Madeleine . Power, Stage Settings.

The Lindendare School wishes to thank Dent Mowrey, Robert Millard, Paul Hutchinson and Ted Bacon for the courtesies extended.
Final PageTranscribed:

A special six-weeks Summer Course of the Dance will open July 8th at the K. of C. Building. Here you will find the proper environment for the serious study of the dance. Spacious, well-lighted and ventilated studio. Modern dressing room. Balcony for visitors. Matron in charge.

Ballet will be taught in its pure classic form exemplifying the work of such famous teachers as Cecchetti, Fokine, Mordkin, Trefilova and Karsavina.

Toe dancing presented in a manner that avoids the usual mistakes of improper positions-bent knees, etc.

Character dancing in which we include all National dancing such as Spanish, Greek, Oriental. Acrobatics will be taught as a dance form and not as circus stunts.

The last two weeks of this course will include tap and rhythm work, castanetting, the use of crotolas, cymbals and Spanish shawls.

Classes will be arranged for advanced students, inter-mediates and beginners-all ages. Two hours instruction daily for the older pupils and one hour and thirty minutes for the younger pupils.. Evening classes for business girls and young men.

Enrollment only by personal interview.
The technique of the dance is as exacting 

The White Peacock


The dance performed by Mme. Elinova, in 1929, was to music by Sibelius. The steps were rather simple requiring a great deal of stage presence to make the dance impressive.  According to Eleanor Lee, in an article published Nov. 1932, The American Dancer, Adolph Bolm choreographed The White Peacock, after a visit to “Bronx Park.”  It is unknown if Bolm’s choreography inspired Elinova’s White Peacock.  Bolm’s dance seems to have been enthusiastically received by audiences.  It was 1st performed by  Margit Tarasoff, to music by Charles T. Griffes (1884-1920), with scenery by John Wenger, at New York’s Rivoli Theater.  There, Gertrude Hoffman, a star of vaudeville saw it and purchased the rights to the dance, costume, music, the works.  The dance has faded into the unknown pages of history.  Griffes music, The White Peacock, has survived.

Maria Dare Dance History Collection:


Stage Names:
Mme. Elinova Linden, Mme. Natalie Linden, Mme. Natasha Linden Natasche Elinova
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