William F Christensen
School of Ballet, operated from 1932-1937.  His descendants included Elizabeth Troll and the Jacqueline Martin Schumacher School of Dance.  Schumacher arrived Portland in the 1940's. Her style was allegro (quick).  It was passed down to several Portland teachers including John Gardner.
Nicholas Vasilieff
School of Dance, Portland,
began in 1940.  His style resembled the Italian style, producing strong quick jumpers. The book: Nicholas Vasilieff Collection 1943 shares information.
The Renoux Dance Studio, part of the Lindendare legacy, was a distinguished part of Portland's artistic community for over 50 years. It was one of the most spacious and well equipped studios located 316 SW 11th, Portland Oregon (on corner of Burnside, across from Powell's Bookstore.)  The studio was started by Miss Marcelle Renoux.  She studied with the Lindendare School as well as others.  Many of her students went on to seek professional careers.  Debra Messenger, of Portland’s Messenger Dance School, studied with Miss Renoux.

Upon the death of Miss Renoux, the studio was turned over to the dedicated hands of Christina Hintz.  Under her direction students continued to achieve.  Over the years, Renoux students were awarded scholarships and studied at the Harkness Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, and Summer Dance Labs sponsored by First Chamber Dance Company.  Renoux Studio was forced to move a few years ago and failed to recover from the move.

Renoux Dance Studio

Christina Hintz
began her training in Portland under Marcelle Renoux. After initial training, she traveled to Canada for advanced study under dancers from the National Ballet of Canada, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and Royal Ballet of England. In addition to extensive performing experience, she has decades of teaching experience and the advantage of a strong academic background in dance education, administration, anatomy and kinesiology. As a firm believer in continuing education, has always attended as many professional workshops and master classes as she could. The Renoux Dance Studio was host to many great master classes and workshops over the years.  Christina Hintz, finally semi-retired, closing the Renoux Dance Studio, but continues to teach at other studios.

Maria Dare Dance History Collection


Dance Studios of the West

The Dance Magazine, April 1930
Studios of the West,
Portions of Article Transcribed

Steam Boat Springs, Co:
“The Perry-Mansfield School...will have as musical director for his 3rd season Louis Horst, author of many valuable articles on music published in The Dance Magazine....”Edna McRae, who is well known for her splendid school in Chicago, will teach ballet and tap at the camp,...”
Seattle WA:
Cornish School:  Louise Soelberg, head of the dance department, “has been engaged by Leonard Elmirst to go to England to assist in the preparation of a pageant....Miss Soelberg is a graduate of the Dalcroze Institute in Geneva and has studied under such famous teachers as Adolph Bolm, Michio Ito, Elizabeth Duncan, and has also acted as assistant to Michio Ito in his Master Class in San Francisco last spring.  Martha Graham has been chosen to give a 10-week course beginnin May 1st at the Cornish School and then to remain for a summer session.”
Portland OR:
“The Lindendare School of Portland, Oregon, writes this department that they are planning to open their summer school for 20 days beginning June 9th.  Elisa Cansino has been engaged as guest teacher.  The course will consist of ballet, character, tap and acrobatic dancing.  Since Mme. Linden-Dare has returned from her trip abroad, where she studied with Mmes. Karsavina and Trefilova and Leo Staats, the school has been growing steadily.
Pheonix, AZ:
Ruth Freethy’s School of Dancing is perhaps the largest and best equipped in the Southwest..
Salem OR:
“What promises to be a strong school on the west coast is the Barbara Barnes School in Salem, Oregon.  Miss Barnes came to Salem in September, 1928, from Chicago where she had studied under Edna L. McRae.  She also holds a professional diploma from the Perry-Mansfield Camp where she has studied 3 summers.
Miss Barnes has been particularly successful in the training of children and furnishes numbers for programs in and around Salem.  She is associated with the Fox Elsinore Theatre where she presents a novelty feature every week for the Mickey Mouse Club.
Their 1st annual revue which was presented last June at the Capitol Theatre made an unexcelled reputation of the school.”

Ballet Schools of Portland OR

Above: “A group of Portland dancers frolic outdoors, Scene from a pageant”
___The American Dancer, October, 1927
(It is assumed that this is Portland OR, not Maine.)

Alys May Brown

This was probably the 1st dance school to in Portland OR to advertise.  In 1927, Alys May Brown School of Dancing offered “all branches of stage dancing” including Ballet, Acrobatic, Adagio.  The school was not advertised in 1930 Dance Magazine or The American Dancer.



Probably operating in Portland, 1928 under the ownership of Mme. Elinova Linden and Sergei Dare.  The school was noted in the above 1930 article "Studios of the West."   It continued until 1934 or after.  Sergei taught in Denver CO 1934-1938.  He then returned to Portland OR to open The Ballet House.
The Maria Dare Dance History Collection mostly contains items from the  Lindendare School of Dance and it’s descendants: The Ballet House, Renoux Studio. Zandance.  Their style was Traditional Grande (large movements, high jumps, lots of turns, flowing waltzes.) Many items from the late 1920s - 1960s are included.  There were other excellent schools in Portland Oregon.  The 1st school found by Zandance was a 1927 ad for Alys May Brown School of Dancing, offering “all branches of stage dancing” including Ballet, Acrobatic, Adagio.  The Lindendare School probably started in 1928.  There were probably other early teachers who left no paper trail.  By mid 1950's Portland's top 5 dance studios were The Ballet House, Renoux Studio, Schumacher School, Vasilieff School, and Billings Ballroom.  These pages do not include information about ballroom dancing.  These pages are mostly about Ballet House and Lindendare. For information regarding the other schools, see Studios of the West.:
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