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Maria Dare Dance History Collection contains music sheets, hand written and published, from early 1900s to 1950s.  The music was used in class and in performances of the Lindendare School of Dancing, 1928 - 1934; The Volinoff School of Dance, 1934-1938; The Ballet House, 1941 - 1997.  The music is for ballet, Spanish Flamenco, Mexican Folk, Character dance.

About the List:

The list of contents is on pdf.  You are welcome to download it.  Use Zandance Contact form to inquire about a specific music sheet.  The list is divided into several sections.  All listed in the “A-Z” section.  The other sections match music to specific owners, or performances, based on program information and/or info written on the music sheet.  The “Dance Notes” column indicates if the collection contains choreography notes.  Some dance notes are included on some of the music sheets.  Some dance notes are in small notebooks labeled “bk1”, “bk2”, etc.  These small notebooks are hand written.  Some of those dance notes have typed copies, noted as “typed.”

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Maria Dare Dance History Collection


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