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Life in Time,

Lost Line of Mayflower William White

from the eyes of a descendant:
The Historical Tracing of Ten Generations with Extended Families, From England to Oregon
by Rozanne W. Faulkner.


What does it mean to have English origins?  Follow England’s cultural development from invasions by Vikings & Romans.  Discover the political, economic and religious forces that led to abandonment of a homeland to risk their lives in an unknown New World.  But they brought all those forces with them on ship Mayflower, and Winthrop Fleet.  (Those same forces make political news headlines today.) 
The book travels onward, following the life and times of 10 generations descended from Resolved White.  Was it socioeconomics, politics, or just a restless genetic makeup that sent them from Plymouth Colony, to Sutton Mass., to New Hampshire, Vermont, Stanstead Quebec, Ohio, Iowa Territory, Dakota Territory to Oregon?  That question is left to the reader to decide.
The book includes genealogy for Mayflower William White, Resolved White, Josiah Sr & JR, Caleb Sr. & Jr.; Hosea Sr. & Jr., The 10 sons of Hosea White Jr. and families are included.  Only one remained in Springville, Iowa.  The rest spread out over California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and… One, Clinton White, became Mayor of Sacramento CA.  The book follows Hosea White Jr.’s eldest, Marcus Hudson White (1843-1919) a pioneer doctor with far from mainstream political views.  He finally settled in Portland Oregon.  Some photos, correspondence between family members from Dr. M.H. White’s History Collection are included in the book.  If you want to know the day to day weather in 1874, South Dakota, it’s in the book from Dr. M.H. White’s notes.
Maternal lines for each generation are also reviewed.  The Vassall family is highlighted. Samuel, and brother William had their fingers in the political evolution of England & Massachusetts as they sailed international trade routes of the 1600s.  William’s influence extended to Barbados.  His son, John Vassal, and other family members attempted to establish the Cape Fear Colony in North Carolina before relocating to Jamaica. The Wright family is followed from early arrival, Walter of Andover Mass., to Joseph of New Hampshire to Lemuel of Vermont and Quebec.  Other early arrivals such as the extended families of Benjamin Marsh & William King of Sutton, Mass..
And that’s how this book got too fat to print.


“Plymouth Limited Edition,” focuses on the life in time of the first 5 generations, and condenses genealogical information, especially for the more recent generations.

eBook preview includes Table of Contents.  Paperback Plymout Limited Edition is different, reduced content but preview provides and idea of what's inside.

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