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Oregons Recent Past back cover
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Oregons Recent Past cover


Recent Past

North Valley, Portland, Columbia River, Mt. Hood


Written by a 3rd generation Oregonian, Oregon’s Recent Past provides insights for visitors, tourists, new arrivals and those who have been in the winds too long.  The paperback is small, easy to pack on a trip, yet has hundreds of pics.  It’s full of facts.  The author guarantees there’s something in it that you did not know, even if you’ve lived in Oregon all your life.  If you cannot find some new info in it, she’ll send you a free dandelion! 

Oregon’s Recent Past matches historic images to recent photos. 
For example, the top photo on the cover appeared in the 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo Program. The lower pic was taken from Washington Park Rose Gardens about 2014.  View Portland from the Rose Gardens today and you will be amazed at the difference.
The book provides a visual tour of history and development.  Visit Portland, early Willamette Valley settlements.  View scenic Columbia River from the days of sternwheelers, thundering Celilo Falls, to modern times.  Climb Mt. Hood in 1907.  Includes reviews of Arlington, Astoria, Boardman, Canby, Dalles, Hood River, McMinnville, Oregon City, Salem and Tualatin. 

More than a picture book, Oregon’s Recent Past shares critical issues facing Oregon.  Will Oregon continue to be a tourist delight?  Will the Columbia River continue to be “The Mighty Coumbia?”  Will Mt. Hood have to be moved in order to be seen from Portland?  Read the book and these ridiculous questions may not seem so foolish.
Portland OR and Mt. Hood 1905
Portland OR & Mt. Hood 2014 © 2018
Mt. Hood & Portland OR, from 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo program.

Mt. Hood & Portland OR   2014 from Washington Park.  Visit the park today to see how much Portland has changed since 2014.
(above) Back cover of Oregon’s Recent Past displays Willamette Valley map, 1891-1897, from
Dr. MH White History Collection & pic from Clive Long's Mt. Hood climb, 1907.
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