Path of Peaceful Warriors:

The History, Genealogy and Spiritual Culture of a Pennsylvania Dutch Family Who Arrived Early 1700's and Migrated Through the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Montgomery County, Ohio, to Oregon
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Path of Peaceful Warriors is more than a genealogy book.  While it provides family trees and anecdotes for paternal and maternal Long family ancestors, this eBook is about a unique heritage handed down by strong peace filled people that remains alive in many now living all over the USA.  The review of history and culture begin in early Europe, focusing on Rhine River Valley, continues to early 1700s Pennsylvania, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, early 1800s Miami Valley, Ohio, early 1900s Portland OR and Oregon Coast. See Table of Contents in ebook PREVIEW for details.
The Long family history is a story shared by many who arrived from the Rhine River Valley to Pennsylvania and Virginia in the early 1700s.  A mix of Swiss and German refused to give up their religion, their belief that peace does not come from the use of weapons, so they migrated down rivers and valleys into Holland to the new world where they became known as Penn-Dutch.  Their migration was characterized by groups mingling and splitting apart, molding them  into a unique and lasting culture with their own beliefs, art and language.  For example:  English was probably a 2nd language for the Long family for at least a century after arrival.  As late as the 1920s, descendant Clive Long of Oregon would utter Penn-Dutch dialect phrases on occasion.
Due to the language barrier, Long family ancestors can be difficult to search.  Early English speaking record keepers spelled their names according to the way the name sounded.  As a result, it may require spelling a surname a dozen ways to find early documents.  This book lists various spellings for surnames.  It follows descendants from Phillip Lung/Lunge/Long who lived near Luray of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  His grandsons removed to what is now West Virginia, Tennessee, Champaign & Montgomery Counties, Ohio.  Some of these brothers adopted the Lung spelling while others the Long spelling.  The text shares information about all the brothers, but focuses on the brother, Lewis Long, who arrived as one of the 1st settlers of Jefferson twp. (near Dayton, Ohio) in 1802.  Lewis married one of those surnames with a dozen spellings including Heistand, Hiestand, Hiestant, Histand. Heaston, Heason.  Lewis Long’s children and grandchildren are reviewed, focusing on Charles David Long who moved his family to Oregon in 1906.  (Charles’s half-brother, Michael, also moved to Oregon, by way of Indiana.)
Includes Penn Dutch Art &
Hex Signs
History, Meanings, & How to make them.
How to make a hex sign star © RW Faulkner
Philosophers Stone
Hex Sign © RW Faulkner
Penn-Dutch bird © RW Faulkner
1700s “Philosopher’s Stone” (left) brought to Pennsylvania by early Mystics.  It & other symbols inspired hex sign usage.  How?  Read this book. Note similarities between symbol (left) & starting point for making star hex signs (right).
(left) Hex Sign by Path of Peaceful Warrier Author.  Its meaning is revealed in this book.
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© = R. W. Faulkner
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