Ask Auntie Wedad


Publication Previews

Belly Dancer of Portland OR

shares her decades

of experience dancing

and making costumes

Tips and opinions on belly dance costuming and performance

by Carol Love and Donna Stewart
109 pages
Spiral bound plus DVD

Part 1: Considerations and culture of belly dance five dance families, being a student, going Pro, anatomy of a belly dance routine, traditional dances of the Middle East, tips for male dancers.

Part 2: Costuming
How to make: Veils, Harem pants, Skirts (Triangular, Circle, Tiered) Bras, Belts, Tummy Covers, Ghawazee (coat, headpiece) Baladi dress, Vests (Cholis, Keyhole) Headbands, Hats (small, balancing, Persian, Conical) appliqués;
Working with pre-made costumes (fitting, changing) How to dress your best, Culture and your audience, Costume care and cleaning.

Apendix: Shimmies (hip, thigh, knee, piston, butt, calf, choo-choo, shoulder, hand, flutter, slow, three-quarter, arabic, walking)

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Spiral Bound
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keyhole vest
sword balancing hat
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Wedad April 2019
About the Author
Wedad is a Portland Oregon dancer, performer, costume maker and teacher.  Pic (left) taken of her performing at Mummies, April 2019.  She has performed there on most Saturday nights for the last 30 years.
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