by RW Faulkner
Is there Climate Change on Oregon’s North Coast?  Historical weather data from Astoria and Seaside Oregon offer a general picture.  Temperature and precipitation data are presented in charts with trend-lines. The author points out additional climate factors that remain to be explored.   Speculates about how our climate might change and what we can do to prepare for it are also included.
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North Coast Oregon, Sun & Rain, 1884-2020

by RW Faulkner, 2021
This think piece shares the life of spruce trees, in Seaside OR, that have belonged to the author’s family since 1914.  They were taken for granted until 2019, when drought and spruce aphids raised concerns. The author was told not to worry.   “These trees  have survived a lot in the past and can survive a lot in the future.”  What had they survived?  What might the future hold for them?  Answering the first question, Tribute to Spruce Trees matches historical weather data to tree rings from 1900 thru 2020.  It also shares the author’s observations of changes in foliage over recent years and asks questions about the ability of spruces trees to survive the future in urban areas. This free 26 page pdf is available from Zandance Publications.

Tribute to Oregon's North Coast Spruce Trees: Can they survive in an urban forest?
Updated: Feb. 21, 2021
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