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Maria (Boehme) Dare

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer
Maria was born in Portland, Oregon.  Her parents did not believe in dancing.  Maria could not understand how something so beautiful could be wrong.  It is unknown where she received her initial training.  By the early 1930s she was doing a toe dance solo for Lindendare School of Dance.
As stated on Zandance Home page:
Maria was a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Ballet, Spanish, Flamenco, Mexican, Hulu,  Character dancing.  Her career spanned more than 70 years.  She was most noted as owner of The Ballet House in Portland Oregon.  When Maria died, The Ballet House was the longest established studio under same management, having existed 57  years.  Most of all she was a kind, caring, loving,  ethical person.  In addition to teaching dance, she  demonstrated how to add years without growing old.

Early Images of Maria (Boehme) Dare


Evolution of the Ballet Tutu

can be seen in the pics on this page.
The longer drupies were used 1920s-1940s
Costume in “Z” drawings a close match to
Maria performed in Portland Oregon; taught for Serge Dare
at The Ballet House.  Then several Ballet House dancers, including Maria & Serge went to Los Angles.

Evolution of Dance Wear

In Ballet House Master Class image
Maria, and others, are wearing
“Rompers.”  By 1950, Leotards
had replaced Rompers..

Maria’s Professional Dance Career

Maria danced in Hollywood films & on stage.
She studied ballet, pointe, pas de deux, at
the American School of Dance.  Took classes from Eugene Loring
At the Cansino Studio she improved her
skills in Flamenco & Hindu
Serge Dare opened a Dance Supply store in Hollywood.
Maria & Serge married in California
1949 Return to Portland
Maria’s father became ill.  Her family needed her.
Serge & Maria returned to Portland & reopened The Ballet House.
Maria & Serge waited 5 months for the 1st student to arrive.
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