1940s Ballet House Master Class Photo

The dancers are wearing rompers dating it prior to 1950. 
It is in the 2nd floor studio of the Selling-Hirsch building.



front center

Two experts have said the Dance Master is Anton Dolin. 
One expert has said it is not.
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Unknown Dancers

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Known Dancers

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3  Jenne Van Zile
4 Claire Van Zile
6 Shirley Simpson
7  Dorothy Newcombe
8 Gayle Gann
9  Marian Van Antweurp
10 Mimi Freuert
15 Michel Martin
16 Estelle Robinson
Known Names
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13 Dick Cahill

Dick relocated to Los Angles to dance. He probably went with the group of Ballet House dancers  that included Maria, Sergei Dare, and Joan Smith

14 Joe Benway

Little is known of Ben’s dancing career after parting with The Ballet House. Based on memorabilia donated to the Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center,Canon City, Colorado, Rachel Smith, Archives Librarian, was able to inform Zandance that Joe Benway, lived inNew Jersey for a time.  He moved to Canon City, Colorado, in the 1980s and passed away in 2007

Katherine Scott

Katherine went on to study dance in Los Angeles.  Then she opened a successful ballet school in Eugene, Oregon.

Joan Smith

Joan’s daughter informed Zandance, “The person standing between Kathrine
Scott and slightly behind Maria Dare is my \mother Joan Smith.  She went to Los Angeles with Maria and Sergei.  She danced at the Eugene Loring studio and auditioned for ABT and became a dancer with ABT [American Ballet Theatre] and went on the first tour of Europe after WW2.   I also danced at Ballet house as Susan Stearns and auditioned and  danced with the Bolshoi Ballet in Ballet School." 
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