Lindendare School of Dance 1929 Program

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COVER transcribed
Mme. Elin Linden, Danseuse
In Recital
Assisted by the pupils of the Lindendare School of the Dance;  Saturday Evening, June 15, 1929 Eight o'Clock;  Little Theatre, (Studio Bldg.) W. Park and Taylor, Portland, Oregon

1929 Dancer Names

& Number of Dances Performed.
MME. Elin Linden 6 solos
Alice Ludgate 2,
Anna Nygren 4,
Arthur Petroff 2,
Betty Meek 2,
Bob Huey 1,
Bob Burton 1,
Bob Cammack 2,
Colton Meek 2,
Dian Ross 1,
Doris Ehrsham 4,
Esther Sherdeen 1,
Elizabeth Farnsworth,  6+solo
Esther Sherdeen 4,
Evelyn Missoff 2,
Frederick Ross 1
Herbert Kretzmeier 1,
Jackie Groves 1,
Jane Carr 1,
Jardine Wentworth 1,
Jean Allegrani 3,
John Groves 2,
Kenneth Polen 3,
Laura Ellis 2,
Laurids Ross 2,
Leslie Care 2,
Lois Jardine Wentworth 5 + solo,
Madeleine Power 4,
Margaret Cover 2,
Margaret Mountain 4,
Marjorie Cover 2,
Marjorie Torgler 4,
Roberta Jamerson 4,
Ruth Miller 4,
Virginia Nydgen 2,
Wm. Thompson 2,
Winonah Pursel 7,
CREDITS transcribed
Gavotte arranged for Madame Linden by Vera Trefilove, Paris.
Tyrolnese, Lorelei, Spanish Dance by Thomas Karsavina, London.
All pupil dances arranged by Mme Elin Linden and Donald Dare.
Orchestra Personnel-Nellie Torgler, Piano; Lillian Ellingsworth, First Violin; Margaret Bussey, Violin Obligato; Donald Haefliger, Cello; Byron Hoyt, Flute, Morris Bush, Drums; Mrs. Harry Farnsworth, Accompanist. Harry Farnsworth, Lighting; Madeleine . Power, Stage Settings.
The Lindendare School wishes to thank Dent Mowrey, Robert Millard, Paul Hutchinson and Ted Bacon for the courtesies extended.
ADs transcribed:
School of the Dance:  Classic Ballet, Toe and Character;  Studio,33 Rue Pergolese, Paris, France
School of the Dance;  Ballet, Toe, Character
Studio, Great Central Hotel; Marlebone Road
London W. I. 2,England
Luncheon 45 cents;  11:30 to 2 P.M.,Colonial Dinners 65 cents;  5:00 to 8:00 PM, Caroline's Home Made Ice Cream Always; BEacon 5759
Kafoury Bros. Silks
Between Park and W. Park; Portland Store; 362 Alder Street; Salem Store;466 State Street; BEacon 7612
Toe Dancing Slippers, Ballets and Tap Slippers; Every Accessory for the Dancer; Knight's Shoe Company; 340 Morrison Street, Portland Oregon
Max Factors & Stein's Make Up:
Frank Nau, 6th And Alder, Prescription Druggist.
We Never Close
Paul K. Hutchinson
Teacher of Voice and Piano, Pupils prepared for Light Opera and Revues, Studio 413-414 Fine Arts Building, Phone BRoadway 6037
2 Accomplishments that will last a lifetime. Health and Body Building Recreations.
The Lindendare's, your Dancing Masters
Prof. Lucian A. Harvey
Pacific Northwest's Oldest - Swimming Master, can teach you to swim, regardless of age or physical disabilities. If you can Laugh, you can swim.
207 Park St., bet. Taylor and Salmon
For Appointments Call BE. 7711
Madeleine Power
Creative Artiste; "METALLIC NOCTURNES"
A special six-weeks Summer Course of the Dance will open July 8th at the K. of C. Building. Here you will find the proper environment for the serious study of the dance. Spacious, well-lighted and ventilated studio. Modern dressing room. Balcony for visitors. Matron in charge.
Ballet will be taught in its pure classic form exemplifying the work of such famous teachers as CecchettiFokine, Mordkin, Trefilova and Karsavina.
Toe dancing presented in a manner that avoids the usual mistakes of improper positions-bent knees, etc.
Character dancing in which we include all National dancing such as Spanish, Greek, Oriental. Acrobatics will be taught as a dance form and not as circus stunts.
The last two weeks of this course will include tap and rhythm work, castanetting, the use of crotolas, cymbals and Spanish shawls.
Classes will be arranged for advanced students, inter-mediates and beginners-all ages. Two hours instruction daily for the older pupils and one hour and thirty minutes for the younger pupils.. Evening classes for business girls and young men.
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