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Anton Dolin

(1904 - 1983) age 79
Americans hear less of Dolin because he spent most of his time in England, however, he inspired American dancers on his USA tours.   He could hang a jump in the air (meaning to hover).
Anton Dolin was born in Sussex England as Sydney Francis Patrick Chippendall Healey-Kay, but was generally known as Patrick Kay. Dolin was first English dancer to be accepted into Diaghilev's Co.  He joined in 1921. He was same age as Balanchine who joined Diaghilev Co. 1924. Alicia Markova joined Diaghilev Co in 1924 but was too young to perform.
In 1930, Dolin came to USA with International Review. In 1935, Anton Dolin & Alicia Markova start Markova-Dolin Co. & toured England. In 1938, Dolin became Premier Danseur for Covent Gardens Russian Ballet and appeared in Australia Tour- July 1939. He then joined Ballet Theatre New York & moved to New York in 1940. Ballet Theatre brought Anton Dolin to Portland OR during the 1943-44 & 1945-1946 tours. He returned to Great Britain and re-established the Markova-Dolin Co. in 1949. Anton Dolin started Festival Ballet of London and remained with the company until 1961. Dolin remained active in dance throughout his life.  He died, 1983, in Paris.

Alicia Markova

(1910-2004) age 94
Alicia Markova was born in London, as Alicia Marks. She began dancing on medical advice to improve muscle strength. She joined Diaghilev Co. when she was 14 years old, a year after Balanchine had joined. In 1932 she joined Vic Wells Co. of England. Anton Dolin & Alicia Markova started Markova-Dolin Co. in 1935 & toured England. Ballet Theatre brought Markova to Portland OR during the 1945-1946 tour. She re-established the Markova-Dolin Co. in 1949. She was also a founder dancer of the Rambert Dance Company, The Royal Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, and was co-founder and director of the English National Ballet, President of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) among other things. She retired from professional dancing in 1963 at age 52.  She continued to teach during her retirement years.  She died 2004 in Bath UK
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