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Anna Pavlova

(1881-1931) age 50
Pavlowa was 1st to develop & wear supportive dance shoes that evolved into today's pointe shoes. If the bronze of her pointe is accurate, then she had an extremely over developed arch that would quickly break the shank of most modern pointe shoes.
Pavlova’s technique probably gave her teachers a fit.  That didn’t matter to her audience.  “The Dragon Fly,” & news of her world travels captured dreams. Perhaps the world was attracted to her free spirit.  In USA, Pavlova’s lifestyle probably resonated with women who felt trapped by male dominance (Women’s Right to Vote passed in 1920.)  In 1925 Dance Lovers Magazine took a survey of their subscribers.  Pavlova was most popular.
Pavlova  died of consumption while touring in The Hague, Netherlands
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Enrico Cecchetti
(1850-1928) age 78
In 1921 Cecchetti celebrated 50 years as a dancer by performing Carabossa Fairy in Sleeping Princess just as he had done first time in 1890.  Best known as a Teacher, he taught Diaghilev Company classes for 15 years.
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