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Zandance began as a hobby sharing ballet info & education, mainly for Rozanne’s Quest Ballet Academy (no longer in operation).  The Maria Dare Dance History Collection was then added.  When a sister site, ebb2flo, was closed, content from some of those web pages were added, expanding zandance’s info to include info for OrEgun visitors.  Then a writing kick produced publications.  AV file transfers resulted in production of Ballet Videos. As it can be seen, this website has undergone many changes  This newest version struggles to fit infinite web page space into mobile friendly little boxes.  The next version may restore some artistic flow.

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Zandance offers books, pdfs, videos, created by Rozanne.  The full version of Life in Time, Lost Line of Mayflower William White, formerly published as flipbooks are no longer available due to technological advances.  Path of Peaceful Warriors is not available for the same reason.  If interested in either, contact Rozanne.
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Plymouth Limited Edition:

Life in Time, Lost Line, Mayflower William White

Paperback, 230 pages, 8.5”x11”
ISBN: 978-0-9983622-1-2
Life in Time, Plymouth Limited Edition is a condensed version of the full text. William, Susannah & son, Resolved, arrived 1620 ship Mayflower & founded Plymouth Colony.  Text shares socio-economic-political events each generation survived.
Follows 10 generations of Resolved White line.  Traces their siblings.  Includes:
Mayflower William White
Resolved White of Plymouth Colony,
Josiah White of Salem Mass.
Josiah White of Sutton Mass., Marlow NH,
Caleb White of Stanstead, Quebec
Hosea White of Vermont,
Hosea White of Iowa,
Marcus Hutson White of Dakota Territory & Oregon
Peregrine Vorpahl White of Portland, Oregon
Includes maternal lines:
John Vassal line , John, William, Samuel, Judith, their wives & siblings
John Marsh line, Benjamin I, II, III, IV, Rebecka, their wives & siblings
Walter Wright of Andover, line thru Joseph, Lemuel Wright of NH & Quebec,
Joshua Hudson/Hutson line: Daniel, Maryann & Thomas J. Of Ohio & Missouri
Duty Greene, Eli, Elizabeth of Ohio
& others
Includes events:
Ship Mayflower & founding of Plymouth Colony
Vassal involvement in Massachusetts Bay Colony upheaval, pre-English Civil War, founding of Cape Feare Colony NC.
Salem Witch Hunts
Founding of Sutton, Mass; New Marlow, Quebec, Canada
Founding of Unitarian Church
& others
“Lost Line,” is included in the title because family members mistakenly believed they descended from Resolved’s brother, Peregrine White, for over a century.  It took a decade of research to find the truth and resulted in a “the full text,” a book too fat to print.  The internet flip-book version of the full text has developed compatibility issues.
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Paperback Book in Print $29.50

Oregon's Recent Past

Paperback, 184 pages, 5.5”x8.5”
ISBN: 978-0-9983622-1-2
Oregon's Recent Past shares some history of Oregon’s Columbia River, Willamette Valley, Portland, Mt. Hood, in brief text with lots of scenic images.  Vintage photos are paired with pictures taken 2003-2017.  All photos taken prior to the forest fires of 2017-2021.  This book is  small enough to fit into a backpack.  Take it with you as you visit these places.  See what once was and may never be again.
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Paperback book: $19.50

Tribute to Oregon’s North Coast Spruce Trees:

Can they survive in Urban Forests?

FREE  PDF, 26 pages,
North Coast Oregon was once a blanket of deep forest filled with Sitka Spruce and other evergreen trees.  These trees reduce flooding, moderate temperature extremes.  They sequester carbon for 100+ years and produce O2. Logging, population growth, and storms have carved this blanket into small clumps of trees.  As I watched the removal of my towering Sitka spruce, that has been part of my family for over 100 years, I wondered.  Can these magnificent giants survive urban life?  Can they survive climate changes?  What extreme temperatures and precipitation have they endured in the past?. This pdf is my answer to those questions.  It matches temperatures and rainfall data to tree rings from my Sitka dating back to early 1900s.  You might be surprised at the extremes it lived thru.
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